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Adèle Loew

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Emil Friedrich Loew 6 Nov 1859 Bertha Glarner 10 Jul 1862

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 31 Dec 1886 Binningen, Basel-Land, Switzerland
Marriage 15 Feb 1912 Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
Immigration 8 Jul 1912 New York
Letter 25 Oct 1922 St. Louis, MO to her sister Martha
Letter 9 Mar 1923 Evansville, IN to her sister Martha
Death 10 Mar 1963 Evansville, IN
Burial St. Joseph Cemetery, Evansville, In.



Adèle Loew was the third daughter of four that survived. Her mother died shortly after child birth when Adèle was around four years of age, and the girls were sent to different relatives. Adèle lived with two unmarried aunts in a remote area of the Alpsnear Basel. At fourteen she was sent as a governess to a French family. In exchange they subsidized her education. Returning to her aunt's home, she worked in Basel as a store manager. Evenings were spent making lace and embroidery to sell at the store. There was little to do in the winter, and they hand carved wooden blades in order to ice skate. She met her husband during her employment at the store. A few months after her husband left Switzerland for America, she followed, on the SS Lapland, Antwerp to NY July 8, 1912. She didn't know English except "milk for baby" and "which way St. Louis?" She later said that each time her ticket got smaller, she knew she was getting closer to her destination.

John and Adèle (Della) called each other Chassy (for Caesar) and Delli. Adele converted to Catholicism in 1927. Prior to this she had attended a church next to the jail. Adèle's hobbies were gardening, ceramics and painting with oils on canvas.